Review Blogs:

  1. iPhoneLife
    ‘With Master Key; you’re able to feel safe in storing your information without the fear of it being taken.’
  2. WhatsmyApp
    ‘You can’t Make Your Vault Safe More Than This!’
  3. tapscape
    ‘When information needs to be kept safe, the full featured, well designed Master Key app keeps all your account info under lock and key.’
  4. AppDictions
    ‘Master Key is recommended for anyone and everyone with an ounce of sensitive information stored on their phone.’
  5. iPhone App Review
    ‘One of the best features of Master Key is the capability to extend it. Not only can you add categories, subcategories and items but you can also add fields to each item. That capability allows you extend Master Key to store anything you need to store.’
  6. TheAppReviewer
    ‘We highly recommend this app if you’re looking to store sensitive information on your iDevice.’
  7. theAppleBites
    ‘Master Key enables you to protect and secure your sensitive contents you hold on your mobile, easily and effectively.’
  8. AppShrink
    ‘Master Key also has a very unique design that is creative and attractive. The animations are smooth and it looks like a complete product, unlike other app on the App Store.’
  9. HotMacApps
    ‘Overall We were really quite impressed with Master Keys functionality and design. Its definitely a safe place to keep your valuable information.’